Questions for Annie JR.

Annie Jr.

Would it violate the licensing agreement if we cast boys as orphans in Annie Jr.?

Licensing to private performances?

January 9, 2017
Hi, Me and my wife want to create a very special hebrew adaptation of Annie, for 1 actor only. We are looking to expose the play and the music to children who don't have the means or money. We want to perform in Kindergarten in non central areas of the country. Most of the ticket wont be even charged. I tried to apply for licensing, But we are not part of an organisation or a theatre. We are just one actress and a musician :) What should we do, or is there anyone we can email to about it? Thanks! Itai.

The wrong performance date is listed on our contract-it will be 2 months later.

January 8, 2017
Contract error.

Annie Jr Dog

September 16, 2016
My understanding is that the JR version has the role of Sandy as being played by a cast member. Can a dog be used instead, or is there something about the Jr. rewrite that will require it be played by a cast member?

How do I order more student books for Annie, Jr.?

September 16, 2016

Are the scripts that we order available for students to keep or do they need to be returned?

August 31, 2016
We will be using the scripts for a Jr. show, do our students get to keep the scripts or are they to return them once we are finished with the show?

Painting Flats

April 5, 2013
We are doing Annie Kids and have three 6' wide x 8'high flats and one being made. One side will Warbucks Mansion and the other NYC. I an a little concerned since I have never done this and there will be teachers (not art) and parents assisting. The NYC flats will also be used to hide the mansion furniture to avoid big scene changes. Any advise on how to help this go smoothly?