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April 26, 2018
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I need a simple idea to dress the chorus. I would like it to be easy for me to purchase and/or clothing could be brought in from home. I would like to add something to their costume to make them look more unified. 

Any thoughts?


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April 27, 2018

Hi Lauri! Alice in Wonderland JR is a great show to do with a base costume, or t-shirts (by character) and jeans.  Characterization is clearer and the cast "pops" with prop-type accessory on a a neutral or base costume.  That could be all black or t-shirt color by character- (Rock lobsters -red, kids in the park-modern day additions, etc.).  The more students are responsible for their "base" which does not need to change, it allows for more creativity to put in the hat/glove/sandwich board playing card addition. It also makes it simple for students playing more than one part.  Color is the very best unifying tool for any size cast!