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January 22, 2009
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Is there much difference between Willy Wonka Jr and the kids version? Is Willly Wonka much different from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
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January 17, 2010
I think the difference is that Willy Wonka's the more recent version and is more in depth for Charlie's background than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Personally, I think the older version was much better :]

January 16, 2010
I've always been interested in this show.

Staff Answer
April 13, 2009
Both Willy Wonka JR and Willy Wonka KIDS are now available to license from MTI. MTI's Junior Titles are approximately 50-60 minutes in length, and are edited carefully (and music arranged for) middle-school aged performers/singers. MTI's Kids Collection titles are about 30 minutes in length, and are designed for younger performers - elementary school aged. The storyline remains the same, and most of the same songs are in both versions, although the KIDS version has shorter/simpler arrangements.

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March 5, 2009
There is not a "Willy Wonka Kids" as of yet...coming we hope. Besides the full length version, the Jr. version is the only musical arrangement of it. Hope you try it out!

February 5, 2009
I may be wrong, but I believe that the script for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is a non-musical. Willy Wonka Jr. is based on the film and has the music from the Gene Wilder film version. Songs like "The Candy Man," "I've Got a Golden Ticket," "I Want It Now!" etc, by Leslie Bricusse.