What are the best fundraisers you've used?

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October 6, 2016
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Our school/district has very little to no money for production costs. What are some of the best fundraisers you've used for these productions?
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October 6, 2016

Here you go Kate!  We do find how creative we can be when funds are low - boundries are freeing!


Putting the Fun in Fundraising


• include patrons and sponsors for $5 & $10 in your program

• have a refreshment booth in your lobby to coordinate with your show

• sell raffle tickets for an artwork by a local artisan

celebrate your production with show shirts and show buttons designed by students

launch a bake sale in your lobby using the theme of your production

• all cast members can donate particular theme items for  Chinese auction baskets

• schedule a car wash run by students and parents

• host a spaghetti supper, chicken BBQ or pizza night prior to show in school cafeteria

• include everyone in a soda can drive, you will be shocked at the return!

• pass out empty, cleaned yogurt cups labeled with your show info to family and friends

    and ask if they would deposit their coins and return them full for a loose change drive.

    Don’t forget collection jars in your school office and local business places

• sponsor a cast garage sale

• parents can arrange with their colleagues an office fundraiser challenge. Winner

    receives reserved opening night seats and a pre-show dinner

• stage a fundraising dinner at a local restaurant.  Your evening can include other

    fundraising activities

• create memories by selling photos with a “show character cutout” in your lobby

• celebrate your production with a show theme dinner party for 10 (or more).  Donation

  $50 per person, spend no more than $20 per person on the food and you will have $300

   or more to donate!

• ask your local movie theater to donate several movie tickets or have a movie

  night where you collect percentage of the proceeds as a movie ticket donation

• auction off  local community theater tickets

• auction off a travel voucher from a local travel agency


• call your favorite radio station and ask to make an announcement about your

   upcoming production on the air.  An interview with a cast member would be great!

• ask a local hairdresser or barber to donate $2 for every cut they complete over one


• have a mow-a thon, check ahead with neighbors and ask if you can mow their lawn

• ask parents if their workplace has inter-office email and take advantage of this ideal

   way to get the word out for fundraising sales and donations

• remember babysitting and pet sitting

• organize a neighborhood chore team – watering gardens, snow shoveling, sweeping


• celebrate your cast voices with a karaoke night for profit!  Plan an evening with a

   home karaoke machine and your cast as the back up singers

Have parents sell items your cast has collected on ebay.com -  profits are large!

• plan a fun bowling night at your local lanes and ask the owner to waive cost and turn

   it into a donation

• ask your school librarian to assist with a used book sale

• charge for dress down (or up!) day at school- wear a hat, sports apparel, mismatch,

   pajamas, silly socks etc.

• showcase local musicians who would be willing to perform a local benefit concert for

   your show

• keep the connection with the generations in your community and ask Lions, Rotary, VFW, American Legion and Moose clubs to support your production with a donation – it is in their bylaws to support groups in their community

• throw a pizza party!

• compile and sell a cast cookbook - -www.morriscookbooks.com

• holiday time is perfect for cookie dough fundraisingwww.classiccookie.com

• you can raise $100 for each Direct TV customer your school signs up








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October 6, 2016

Here is a list for you Kathryn! As we say in the business, "Boundries are Freeing".  We are all forced to be creative in a good way when funds are low.  Best of luck!

Putting the Fun in Fundraising