5 Hunchback Bells For Sale or Rent

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Appleton North Theatre has five ringable bells of Notre Dame for use in staging The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The five bells come in three sizes and are attached to yokes which allow them to be "rung". The bells do not make noise and have stationary clappers. They are made of styrofoam coated in plastic, making them lightweight and durable. The bells were comissioned from a professional prop-making company and are beautifully constructed and painted. 

The full set of bells is FOR SALE for $3000 or can be rented for $1500/month.This does not include shipping costs, renters will need to make loading and shipping arrangements. Individual bells can be rented for $400/month.

Appleton North also has a beautiful painted Rose Window for sale or rent and full company costumes!

Email crismonte@att.net for more information!

Attached pictures: Our production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, photo with 5'5" actor for scale, and photo of bell/yoke rigging.