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  • Aladdin Set Rental Los Angeles
  • Aladdin Set Rental
  • Aladdin Set Rental
  • Aladdin Set Rental Los Angeles
  • Balcony Detail

Beautifully painted, space conscious, flexible set that works well in smaller spaces or as foundation pieces for a larger space, paired with a drop. All painted flats and panels included. No wagons or decks.

The Agrabah Marketplace:
Two visually dynamic spaces, one with practical entry. 
Mounted dimensions: One at 8 feet wide by 10 feet high; One at 8 feet wide by 11 feet high.
Each designed to be mounted on 4x8 wagons

Cave of Wonders/Palace Interior (REVERSIBLE):

Two sided design allows for two stage environments using 1/2 the offstage space.

Side One/Cave of Wonders: Three 4x8 panels painted to represent interior treasure trove of the Cave of Wonders

Side Two/Palace Interior: Three 4x8 panels painted to represent arched doorways opening onto a view of Agrabah and the night sky. 6-2.5 foot return walls add architectural interest while also providing support for flats. Designed to be mounted across 12 feet (ex: 3-4x4 wagons or 1-8x4 and 1-4x4 wagon or 1-12 foot wide wagon. 

1 Flat with practical entry leading onto a balcony space, bounded by 3 railings. Classic middle eastern motifs define the doorway, railings and colorful panels below the balcony. Designed to be mounted on a 4x5 deck on 4 ft high legs. Whole unit can be mounted on a 4x8 wagon for moveability.

Visit website for larger photos of set pieces. These pieces are FOR SALE.

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