Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey Puppets

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We will not deliver or pay shipping. Phase 3 - 2 total pieces (root pants make 3 pieces) Full measurements are 32"diameter X 51" tall Approx weight 55-60lbs The base is a 32" diameter and is 181/2 inches tall. It is on multiple casters and rolls quite freely. Approx weight is 40-50 lbs The puppet portion is 32" diameter base and is 32" from back to edge of lip. Approx weight 16 lbs This weight is supported by the puppeteer and was easily run by a 13 year old in a production. Total height without puppeteer is 51" (puppet sitting on base) approx total weight 55-60 lbs. Phase 4 - Total 6 pieces Full measurements are 48"wide x 72" front to back 96" tall fully assembled appox weight 175lbs Base is 28 3/4" wide (bump outs for support poles on both sides add total additional 14" to width at the back) (see attached photo) 49 3/4" from front to back 27" tall including casters Base is plywood and 2x4 construction, has 2 swivel casters and 2 stationary casters. It has a slide ramp in the center for escape after being eaten. Can easily support up to 250lb actor. It can be easily moved and picked up by 2 adults. (75-80 lbs?) The puppet is supported by 2 galvanized support poles and a wooden block. These all come apart without any fasteners. (approx weight 10lbs?) The puppet itself consists of 2 parts. The upper and low jaw. (approx 30lbs?) The full measurements are 48" wide by 72" front to back and 96" tall fully assembled approx weight is 175lbs total? Because it breaks down into smaller pieces is it totally manageable with 2 adults. And operation is done easily with a young adult. Sand bag counter weights are used to offset weight for easier operation. I have a brochure with full pictures of the puppets available to email.