Seussical Costumes for Sale

For sale are some used costumes from a production of Seussical.  Willing to sell all of the items LISTED BELOW, or selected portions.  Buyer pays actual shipping charges from Missouri.  Pricing is negotiable and will depend on if the buyer is purchasing all or only some of the items for sale.  Feel free to contact with any questions about sizes, styles, or for additional photos. 

Cadet uniforms(NOTE the ties appear red in photos, but are actually orange)

  • shorts, 3 size 14, 5 size 16, 4 size 18 (plus one pair of size 14 that have been altered to add a wedge in the back for extra room in the belly) 
  • shirts, 6 size 18, 2 size 16, 1 size 14
  • 10 neckties, one size fits all
  • belts
  • 11 pairs socks, onesize fits all
  • 9 caps, onesize fits all
  • General GKS adult size matching costume is also avaliable. 

Hunch outfits:

  • 6 shirts size
  • 6 pants size small/medium
  • 8 pairs thigh-high socks
  • 6 suspenders
  • 6 wigs
  • 8 pairs gloves

Gertrude's Tail layered length of ruffled tulle in gradient shades of pink.  Attaches under a skirt with snaps, and can snap apart in the center to form a shorter and longer length version.