Peter Pan Costumes for Rent

Looking for Peter Pan costumes? Look no further! We have a magnificent show put together for you to rent for you next production.. The special needs of flying Peter Pan and the Darling children stage costumes have been taken into account. So let us help you take off to Never Never Land!

Besides the classic gowns for Mrs. Darling that help set the scene in the nursery, we can costume Peter Pan's shadow... always a great laugh for the audience. Our costumes have the necessary accommodation for your flying rigs (one and two cable) so your cast can fly to Never Land the way you always pictured. And what production could be complete without a great Tiger Lily and colorful set of "indian" costumes.

Our Captain Hook costume is a show stopper. With all the embellishments you would expect, we've had audiences break into applause just by Hook's appearance on stage! This Hook costume really projects to the back of the house. We have a wonderful Mr. Smee costume that plays off the colors in Hook's jacket for a wonderful stage effect. Match this with pirate costumes inspired from around the world and Looking4Costumes is your obvious choice for Peter Pan costumes! 

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