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  • Mayzie in tree
  • Horton in tree
  • Mayzie in Palm Beach
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Lots of Seussical stuff, costumes, scenery, props, etc.  We do not have the Horton tree as shown, but we do have the welded frame we used and I can explain how you could do it yourself.  We have the white tree trunks that are shown, and signs, weapons, Whoville houses (the wall hung units are disassembled, but you could hang them to fit your own space---we removed the christmas lights, but we have them) plenty of loony Seuss-like pieces.  Usually people come with a truck, and I'll take you trough our prop rooms and you can take whatever you need.  I keep your prices reasonable and have not had any complaints. 

See tons of our show pics at:

You can ask about any pieces thay catch your eye and I'll tell you if they are still around.


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