Frozen JR Costume Package

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Named characters included:

Young Anna, Middle Anna, Anna (with and without pink coat)

Young Elsa, Middle Elsa, Elsa (with tear away ice gown, coronation robe, gloves and crown)

King Agnarr & Queen Iduna

Pabbie and Bulda (include wigs)

Kristoff and Sven

Hans, Weselton (including glasses), Bishop, Oaken

Olaf Costume not included (see puppet info @

Ensemble costumes included:

Cook, housekeeper (male), steward, butler, handmaiden

6 Snow Chorus

6 Summer Chorus

12 Oaken Family (not including Oaken)

13 Hidden Folk (not including Pabbie and Bulda)

12 Assortd Townspeople


Costumes designed by Diane Spacher for the first production of Frozen Jr in Rochester, NY (OFC Creations, June 2019).

Costumes are built to fit actors ages 7 to 15. Basic alterations and hemming is OK, additional changes need to be approved in writing in advance.

Additional pictures of costume pages are available online at

Includes storage containers for all costumes organized by characters. All costumes must be returned laundered.

Rental rates include one in-person initial breakdown with director,producer, and/or costumer with an OFC team member.

50% depsoit due upon signing contract, 50% due at first rehearsal. Rentee will be billed for damages