Olaf Puppet

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Custom puppet built in WA by Luna Puppets for the first prduction of Frozen Jr in Rochester, NY (OFC Creations, June 2019)

Olaf comes in three parts-feet, torso on harness, head. Top head sticks need to be taken in and out when storing

Mouth has three settings: shut, slightly open, full open

Animatronic talking head with rear head mount controls-two electric charging ports (AA, USB)

Rod arm controls and strap controls for feet. Please note stairs are challenging.

Adjustable size puppet for actors size 4'5" to 5'7". Actor must wear harness.

Olaf's head comes in custon built travelling case for safety. Remaining parts come in a large box.

Olaf comes with coordinated costume for actor.

Rental rates include one initial training with director, producer, and/or actor with an OFC team member. This includes safety instrctions.

50% deposit due upon signing contract, 50% due at first rehearsal. Rentee will be billed for damages.