Lion King Stampede Animated Video

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Take a look at what Nanette Kearl of Clayton Middle School said about her experience renting our Lion King Jr. Costumes and Puppets:

"I wouldn't have rented the Lion King Jr. Costume plot from anyone else."

"If you have aims of making a quality statement with your productions, use Robert Jordan"

"True Craftsmanship, clear packing instructions, wonderful video clip of The Stampede"


This stampede animated video can solve many of your design problems during the stampede in the Lion King Jr. or Lion King Kids. This animated video, created by our team, can interface seamlessly with your set when your set painter chooses paint colors and a design than will complement the video.

Video contains an animation of wildebeest running down the walls of the gorge.

A full length video with watermark can be shared with you via email before you commit to purchase. After purchase, we will send you the animated video without the watermark. 

Send your questions and requests to view the video to