Aladdin Costumes

  • Guards Iago Jafar Razoul
  • Genie Aladdin
  • Magic Carpet Aladdin
  • Aladdin Wedding Ensemble
  • Friend Like Me Ensemble
  • Genie Magic Carpet Gold Isis Wings Prince Ali
  • Pre Genie Costume Change during Prince Ali
  • Post Genie Costume Change during Prince Ali
  • Harem Dancer Aladdin
  • Harem Dancers
  • Iago Aladdin
  • Jasmine Cloak Aladdin
  • Jasmine Prince Ali
  • Prince
  • Shriner Friend Like Me Aladdin
  • Sultan Jasmine Aladdin
  • Jafar Iago Aladdin
  • Prince Ali Ensemble
  • Prince Ali Ensemble Feather Dancers
  • Prince Ali Ensemble Feather Dancers
  • Prince Ali Ensemble Peacocks
  • Agrabah Ensemble Aladdin
  • Agrabah Ensemble Aladdin

Costumes available for rental. Some items only available for an additional fee. See below for details. 

This $2000 rental fee does not include all accessories and props. Email for more information on renting the accessories and props.

All costumes are designed and built by professional costume designers/stitchers. 

Renter pays shipping both ways. Renter will not clean costumes before return. Cleaning fees are included in your rental fee and will be cleaned by Portage North.


Townspeople of Agrabah: please inquire as to how many costumes are available for these actors.

Guards - 3 costumes available: shirt, vest, pant, cummerbund, hat; spears available only if local pick up.

Aladdin (beggar): shirt, vest, cummerbund, pant, hat

Aladdin (Prince Ali): coat, hat

Genie (Blue Costume): blue coat, blue pant, blue hat

Genie (Prince Ali Costume Change): white coat, white pant, white hat, lavendar tear away zoot suit

Jasmine: top, bolero jacket, hip belt, pant, cloak for the marketplace; wig is available for an additional fee.

Jafar: coat, overcoat, pant, hat; cobra staff is available for additional fee and if local pick up and delivery.

Iago: top, coat, pant

Razoul: coat, pant, hat; spear available only if local pick up.

Sultan: coat, overcoat, pant, hat

Magic Carpet: carpet costume, hat, you must provide your own purple leo for this actor

Princely Suitors - 3 costumes available: shirt, coat, pant, cummerbund, hat

Ensemble in White - please inquire as to how many costumes are available for these actors - this is a useful costume for your ensemble during any scene but especially useful for Scenes within the Palace, Prince Ali, A Whole New World and the Wedding Finale: white coat, white pant or skirt, gold sash

Harem Dancers in multi colored costumes - 11 costumes available - this is a useful costume for Agrabah and to add color to any other scene including the Wedding Finale: leotard, wrap top, skirt, hip belt

Friend Like Me Gold Ensemble - 15 costumes available: gold top, gold vest, gold pant, gold hat

Friend Like Me Shriners - 6 costumes available: shirt, tie, coat, pant, gauntlets, hat

Friend Like Me Featured Dancers - 4 costumes available: leo, wrap top, pants, hip belt - this is the same basic costume as the feather dancers wear in Prince Ali. See next item description.

Feather Dancers in Prince Ali - 4 available: leo, wrap top, pants, hip belt - this is the same basic costume as the Friend Like Me Featured Dancers wear in Friend Like Me; for Prince Ali we can add to your order the feather headdress and hand fans are available for additional fee. See previous item description.

Knife Dancers in Prince Ali - these were double cast as guards, they must use their shirt from the guard costume or you can provide your own shirt: vest, pant, cummerbund, hat

Peacocks in Prince Ali - 4 available: dress, peacock hand puppet, capelet, hairpiece

Please email for more information including measurements for each actor for whom these costumes were designed and built to help you in your fitting and casting process. These measurements are provided to use as a helpful tool at the beginning of the process and not as a replacement for accurate measurement taking, careful planning and skilled fitting on your part.

Photo credits: Brian Wolfe(y)