Change the key of any song and optimize your performer’s vocal range.

It happens all the time…you get the right actor for the role, but the right actor has the wrong vocal range for the character’s songs. With Transpositions-On-Demand, get almost any song in virtually any key. 

How it Works
  • First, fully establish a performance key. Once you’re sure of the key, place your order with a full payment.
  • We’ll send you the transposed parts in about three to four weeks. We’ll ship your transpositions unbound on individual sheets so you can insert them into your existing parts.
  • Utilize RehearScore®Plus' unique transposition feature to determine the perfect key. The program makes rehearsing in the new key (until the transpositions arrive) much easier.
Pricing and Ordering

Pricing (per song):

  • $125 for the complete set of orchestra parts, plus the piano/conductor or piano/vocal score
  • $100 for the orchestra parts alone
  • $50 for the piano/vocal or piano/conductor’s score

To order, please use the PDF Transpositions Order Form.

Questions & Answers

September 13, 2017
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If I use Rehearse Score to transpose for a singer, will there be an option to print out parts for the pit in the new key?

Rehearse Score and Pit Music

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December 22, 2016
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I'm confused about the time it takes to receive a transposition on demand song.... On one bullet point, it says 3 -4 weeks, but in small print underneath that, it says 10 -15 days. Could you clarify the exact time?
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