Willy Wonka Costumes for Sale

Willy Wonka Costume Set Southern Garrett High School

Contact Erin White 301-616-5407 or erin.white@garrettcountyschools.org

PRICE: $2,000  (valued at $3600) plus buyer and seller with split shipping costs within the continental U.S. I will NOT sell individual pieces – full set purchase only!

Lead Costumes:

Wonka – Medium Yellow vest; Size 34 green pants; Size 38 Regular Purple Pin Striped suit jacket

Mr. Salt – Size 44 pink and purple golf pants

Violet – 2X Hooded Purple Hoodie with matching pants; 1X lavender shirt with crown embossed in silver in front; also included blue inflatable suit with remote for on-stage inflation, blue gloves and socks

Ms. Teavee – Size L patterned swing dress

Mrs. Beauregarde – Size L cold shoulder purple shirt with rose embellishment; Medium purple Jeggings; Size 9 Purple go-go boots

Veruca – Hot Pink Leotard, Matching pink tutu on wire frame

Mrs. Gloop – Size M black dirndl dress with apron and shirt

Mike Teavee – Size L “chicken butt” shirt, bright green punk pants size L

Augustus Gloop – brown and white striped shirt size 2X; 1 pair brown lederhosen size 4X

Charlie – Flannel shirt size S/M, brown vest, khaki pants S/M, grey newsboy hat


Red Costumes – 16 handmade red “overall-type” costumes with green “W” embellishment. Also 16 cream peasant undershirts. These costumes have stuffed black socks attached to the bottom that can be puppeted by a second actor sitting in front of the first with his hands slipped inside the open bottoms of the socks. We used these for “The Golden Age of Chocolate” and the “Gloop Oompa”. All size M-L except for one, which is XL/2X. They pull on like aprons and tie in the back, so they will fit a variety of actor sizes.

Oompa Wigs – 38 “Wacky wigs”: 8 neon green, 8 red, 12 purple, and 10 blue

Carry Me costumes – 5 “Carry Me Trump” costumes converted into oompa loompas. These are black light reactive, including neon glow glasses that are battery-operated and can blink on several different settings. Also includes 5 medium neon yellow sweatshirts for the actors wearing these costumes. These are hilarious, especially if the kids run in them!

Groovy Oompa Costumes (walking) – 32 pairs of neon green overshoes with the bottoms removed (These are pulled over the foot and up to the knee, where they are worn to give the illusion of short legs. They Velcro across to stay in place.)

Groovy Oompa Costumes (stationary) – 6 S/M; 1M/L; and 1 XL groovy tops with fake hands attached. (Actors put socks on their hands, which are used as feet in this scene. The fake arms are tucked into the actor’s armpits and move with their bodies.)

Man in Box sweatshirts – 4 red (2S/2M) sweatshirts for the actor inside the box plus four XL purple hooded sweatshirts for the prop “man” who appears to be carrying the Oompa. To be clear, these are just the sweatshirts you need for the look. But the props are easy to make. Here’s the tutorial I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev-rTqa-ENo

Gloop Girls (cooks for “I Eat More”)– 4 Red (3M/1L) and 4 Blue (3M/1L) Dirndl Dresses with matching aprons and white dirndl shirts. These are high quality costumes and a cute alternative to chef costumes for the “I Eat More” number.

Squirrel Puppets – 26 extremely high quality red squirrel puppets. These are super-cute and have high impact. A single actor can puppet one or two squirrels.

Full-Sized Squirrels – 7 full-body squirrel suits with inflatable tail inserts and hoods; 5 pairs of squirrel gloves

Fizzy Lifting “Flying” Scene – 2 orange blacklight masks, one painted with Charlie’s features and the other with Grandpa Joe’s. Also 2 pairs of neon yellow stretch pants and yellow neon gloves. (Instead of using a fly system, we created the illusion of flying in a blacklight scene.)