SHREK Rentals, Dragon Puppet, Pinocchio's Nose, Gingy and More

  • Dragon Puppet for Shrek the Musical
  • Dragon Puppet for Shrek the Musical
  • dragon puppet for Shrek the Musical
  • Gingy puppet for Shrek the Musical
  • Growing Pinocchio Nose for Shrek the Musical
  • Exploding Bird for Shrek the Musical

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The StageWorthy Arts studio creates one of a kind puppets, props and rentals for the stage. Located in Texas but we ship nation wide!  We will make the rental process very easy for you!

Our Shrek Inventory includes: 

Dragon Puppet - with articulating wings, batting eyes and moveable mouth- light weight, easy to use, requires 4 puppeteers

Gingy Puppet - With removable legs for torture scene, moveable mouth and eyebrows 

 Growing Pinocchio's Nose - Cable driven headpiece, easy to extend and retract 

 Exploding Bird - An audience favorite! 

RC Rats - up to 6 available

 Fiona's Tear Away Book - large size, can be used over and over

Freak Flag

Duloc Wigs