Beauty and the Beast

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  • lumiere candle stick hands
  • bouche
  • cogsworth mrs. potts costume

Offering 70+ costumes, Pro/touring level costumes and/or email us directly at (The MTI "Contact Poster" button seems to be malfunctioning)

Pricing is $3500 for leads only package 22 costumes +4 wolves +2 gargoyles ($200 for reusable Beast mask)

$50-100 per enchanted chorus up to 60 available

$40 per villager chorus up to 24 available

Package price is for 10 days of us, add 20% per added week for leads, 10% for other costumes.

We also carry the magical rose, Chip illusion, mirror effect and several backdrops. Also ask about our Deluxe costume package that rents for just $40-50 each when you rent 30 or more. Pictures available on request for the deluxe.

Justin & Rachel Parks