Lion King Pro 4 Call 815-814-4349

Theater  y Design carries four complete costume, mask and puppet plots for Lion King, jr and Lion King Experience.  Starting at just $55 for costume/mask and up to premium mask/costume packages starting at $75 each and masks for as low as $35 each and up for plot 1 and 2. Plot 3 and 4 (pictured) are higher rental rates. Pictured is our Premium Plot 4.  For more Plot 4 pictures visit

Lioness beaded-costumes and masks, imported puppets for giraffes, gazelles, Zazu costume with puppet; Hyena puppets and also non-puppet costume and masks with glow in the dark eyes; Scar, Simba and Mufasa mask/costume packages; Timon and Pumbaa (lightweight options), Various Birds, 3D zebras, Cheetah puppet, Grasslands x8, Elephant puppet and much more

We are here to serve budgets of all levels.  Contact Theater by Design, Justin Parks at 815-814-4349 for availability and more information on how to reserve your dates.