Lion King Scenic Backdrop Rentals

  • African Sunrise Scenic Backdrop
  • Elephant Graveyard Scenic Backdrop
  • Jungle Daybreak Scenic Backdrop
  • Night Sky Harvest Moon Scenic Backdrop
  • Tranquil Grasslands Scenic Backdrop
  • African Safari Hills Scenic Backdrop

TheatreWorld has a collection of backdrops to support productions of THE LION KING and THE LION KING EXPERIENCE, the story of a lion cub destined to be King, and the friends and foes he meets along the way to claiming his “crown.” Bring the animals of the safari to your stage with AFRICAN SAFARI and AFRICAN SAFARI HILLS. Explore the African TRANQUIL GRASSLANDS and enjoy the beautiful AFRICAN SUNRISE, creepy ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD, and sheltering JUNGLE FOREST DAYBREAK for scenic imagery that will “wow” your audience and cast alike. 

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