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  • Cinderella Set for Sale

We are selling a theatrical set and props for CINDERELLA.

This package includes a large backdrop, with a giant 3-D story book that opens to reveal pages and additional scenery pieces, village flats, a crazy fireplace flat and platform, a large throne, chaise, Staircase, and so much more! 

Includes all the hand props as well! 

Stage set extremely well built and designed. 

A royal feast for the eyes!

We are having to empty space for new sets coming in and have to sell. 

This normally rents for $8,500 when we rent it as a package to theaters. 

Great investment for a theater that wants to produce the show, and then hold on to it rent it out to other schools and theaters to generate money for their program.

The Set is currently in a warehouse near Disneyland, in Southern CA. We can ship this to anywhere in the Continental United States, however shipping/handling costs would be extra.

If you have questions, please ask! Happy to help!