Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Peter and the Starcatcher is all about storytelling as a lively (and live) art, and the energized complicity that s forged between the teller and the listener. ...The story simultaneously being told and celebrated is as elaborate, simple, cozy and scary as the best bedtime stories are."

– The New York Times

"A larky sance with Barrie's mythic characters: part pantomime, part story theatre, and all delight."

– The New Yorker

"Peter and the Starcatcher is a tiny show, but spectacle, wit, and joy spill out of it like treasure from a magic pocket. A cast of twelve, a couple of trunks, and a versatile length of rope yield more storytelling than most oversize spectaculars can manage. ... A miniature classic."

– New York Magazine

"Beaming with dizzy humor and delightful stage magic, Broadway's Peter and the Starcatcher is a big dipperful of fun. ...Peter Pan will never grow up. But his origin story has matured nicely."

– New York Daily News

"An absurdly funny fantastical journey!"

– Entertainment Weekly

"[Peter and the Starcatcher] soars deliriously high and gloriously far. ...The show is an astonishing inventory of stage trickery and verbal pyrotechnics."

– Time Out New York

"Charming and inventive.... The gold standard of Peter Pan shows."

– The New York Post

"Clever and joyous entertainment.... A celebration of youth and of the power of theater to inspire children and adults alike."

– Backstage

"That rare kind of theatrical event that can appeal equally to kids who will be captivated by the sentimental, action-packed plot and adults who will admire its imaginative theatricality."

– AM New York

"A richly imaginative and wonderful adventure that combines off-the-wall antic humor with touching sincerity."

– NY1

"Storytelling theater at its finest. ...This endlessly endearing Peter Pan prequel celebrates the glories of winking showmanship and the magic of emotion."

– San Jose Mercury News

"Rich in antic humor and theatrical invention."

– The Hollywood Reporter